Hello all,

    I'm Jessie and a big Fandom editor. 

    I am seeking adoption for this wiki as the Walker franchise has a new series coming out on The CW with big name stars and I am sure the wiki will end up becoming very popular. No admin has edited this wiki for over a decade and the wiki will soon need an active admin. I have done a ton of work to shape this wiki up and make it look good as it needs it. I believe this wiki will be popular soon and I would love to be able to have it all run and ready. 

    I think this could be a great community!

    If you have any thoughts or question, leave me a message.

    Thank you!

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  • RadioGuy42

    I know nobody is likely reading this, but still...

    Do you like Trent and Carlos better, or Gage and Sydney? 

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  • RadioGuy42

    It's still frustrating that Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire didn't get a sequel. What happened to Alex?! 

    We'll never find out. :(

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