The Rangers try to bring a halt to the black market trade of African conflict diamonds for illegal weaponry. Meanwhile, Alex finds herself in danger of exposure to Ebola Virus, and matters go worse when Walker and Trivette are being tracked down by the men responsible for the illegal trade.


  • Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker
  • Clarence Gilyard as James Trivette
  • Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill
  • Judson Mills as Francis Gage
  • Nia Peeples as Sydney Cooke
  • Peter Woodward as Victor Drake
  • Ray Proscia as Hendrick Rolfe
  • Jackson Burns as Carl
  • Amy Collett as Sparkle
  • Cynthia Dorn as M.E. Mary Williams
  • Bruce DuBose as Agent Suhor
  • Lanier Edwards as General Nelson Abu
  • Greg Elam as Joseph Ileka
  • Tom Gaitsch as Dr. Allan Rousseau
  • Mark Ivanir as French Mercenary
  • Larry Johnson as Flint
  • Shawn Odum as Young Cop
  • Steve Shearer as Detective Roldan
  • Laurel Whitsett as Pathologist
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