Plot Edit

An investigation into the theft of a State - of- the- art military helicopter for use in the drug trade leads Walker to a former fellow Marine Corps officer, who abandoned his unit 25 years ago in Vietnam.

Cast Edit

  • Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker
  • Clarence Gilyard as James Trivette
  • Nobel Willingham as C.D. Parker
  • Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill
  • Marshall Teague as Randy Shrader
  • Richard Herd as General Garrity
  • George DelHoyo as Ramon Lopez Vega del Garcia
  • Reni Santoni as Don Carlos del Vega Garcia
  • John Criswell as Reporter
  • Nancy Drotning as Attorney
  • Todd Faulkner as Jack Griggs
  • Ken Greaves as DEA Agent # 3
  • Michael Green as Sgt. Baker
  • Mark Hankla as DEA Team Leader
  • Charles Homet as Agent Doug Foster
  • Doug Irvine as DEA Sniper
  • Paul M. Lane DEA Agent # 2
  • David Middleman as Bob Hollins
  • Steve Vann as Man
  • Libby Villari as Woman