Walker helps a young Boxer after his parents are killed in a car accident (Due to his abusive father's drunk driving). Meanwhile, Gage and Sydney go undercover to take down a drug ring.


  • Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker
  • Clarence Gilyard as James Trivette
  • Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill
  • Judson Mills as Francis Gage
  • Nia Peeples as Sydney Cooke
  • Nicholas Gonzales as Juan Guerro
  • Scott "Jesic" Caudil as CK
  • Marlene Forte as Elena Guerro
  • Patrick Montes as Luis Guerro
  • Jesse Head as Kirk
  • Jamie Burns as Steve
  • Jerry Cotton as Martin Blanchard
  • Chase Gallatin as Danny
  • Eduardo Garza as Ernesto Martinez
  • Cole S. McKay as Biker
  • Ice Mrozek as Nikolai "Niki" Kosegin
  • Carlos Sanchez as Mario
  • Carl Savering as Leon
  • Chris Wright as Flynn
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