Home of the Brave is a Walker, Texas Ranger episode from Season 8. It premiered on October 7, 2000. It is also the Season 8 premiere.


To catch a group of kidnappers targeting newborns, Sydney and Gage play the role of the parents of the most recent baby-napping. Meanwhile, Alex encounters a man trying to force tenants out of rent-controlled apartments and convinces a judge to halt the owner's attempt to have the place condemned so he can demolish it to make room for a strip mall. When a boy accidentally witnesses the owner's accomplice sabotaging the building's furnace (so the owner could demolish the building without being held liable) and is trapped, Walker must rescue him before the building collapses.


  • Charles Lucia as Gordon Fowler
  • Amy Benedict as Erin Marshfield
  • Gavin Fink as J.J. Marshfield
  • Ian Paul Cassidy as Holt
  • Karen Borta as Reporter
  • Greg Bransome as Building Inspector
  • Brett Brock as Grunty
  • Lee Burns as Jerry Kelsey
  • Lucy Christian as Young Mother
  • Brady Coleman as Captain Perez
  • Gail Cronauer as Dr. Larson
  • Dorothy Deavers as Mrs. Norton
  • James Dockray as Fireman "Doc"
  • Duke Durham as Lead Fireman
  • Dave Efron as Al
  • Ed Geldart as Mr. Norton
  • Gavin Glennon as John Marshfield
  • Sean Hennigan as Drake
  • Kelly Hinschberger as Young Girl
  • Erin McGrew as Nurse Tuttle
  • John Wayne Shafer as Donald Plonk
  • Jane Simoneau as Judge Hastings
  • Diane Towery as Mel
  • Bob Wall as Battalion Chief
  • Yo Younger as Hillary
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