In Harm's Way Part 2 is the first episode of Season 7.

Plot Edit

In this concluding episode from the season 6 cliffhanger, Walker and Alex survive a plane crash and race to get to the courthouse with critical evidence before a mass spree killer is set free.

Cast Edit

  • Sam Hennings as J.T. Brody
  • Clayton Landey as Cole Hatch
  • Michael H. Moss as Slade
  • David Deblinger as Bill Ellis
  • Mike Rad as Zink
  • Michael Kagan as Phil Keswick
  • Stephen McHattie as Thomas Openshaw
  • Christie Abbott as Tracy Barnett
  • Mike Adams as Merc
  • Mark Dalton as Munson
  • Jesse DeLuna as Nash
  • Richard Dillard as Rawlings
  • Karen Fraction as Judge Millhouse
  • Tom Nowicki as Neal Brockmeyer
  • Diane Perella as Linda Stafford
  • Garrett Schenck as Brad Stafford
  • Ben Smits as Doctor
  • T.A. Taylor as Don Filmore
  • Bob Thurman as Thompson