Jared Padalecki is an american actor who will portray Cordell Walker (2020) on The CW's reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger.


Prior to Walker, Padalecki is largely known for his role as Sam Winchester on the long-running The CW drama, Supernatural.

Padalecki was announced to be starring in the project and executive producing it in the fall of 2019.


  • Jared was born in San Antonio, Texas. He is excited for the new Walker series as it will allow him to film in his own town.
  • He got his start in the business when he won Fox's "Claim to Fame" Contest.
    • Winning this contest allowed him to present at the Teen Choice Awards. At the award show, he was discovered by an agent and the rest is history.
  • After high school, he moved to California where he began receiving starring gigs almost immediately.
    • His first big role was in the recurring role of Gilmore Girls. Shortly after receiving this role, he was cast in Supernatural.

Personal Life

  • Jared married his Supernatural co-star, Genevieve Cortese, in 2010. Together, they have three children; two boys and a girl.
  • They reside in Austin, Texas; this is where the Walker series will also be filmed.
  • Also in Austin, Texas, Jared owns his own bar which is named Stereotype.



Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


  • Jared and Liam are both born in July.
  • Jared launched a campaign titled "Always Keep Fighting", in response to his own battle with depression in early 2015.

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