In the second story of a four part storyline, The Chairman continues to use knowledge gained from his computer hacking to terrorize federal agents, and manages to keep Walker at bay. However, Walker's hacker manages to discover a crucial detail in the Chairman's plan that could give them a breakout. Clint Redman abandoned & neglected his own son Lonny Redman in jail, for after The Goldbergs witnessed to testify they'd saw him murdered Pete Williams in cold blooded.


  • Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker
  • Clarence Gilyard as James Trivette
  • Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill
  • Judson Mills as Francis Gage
  • Nia Peeples as Sydney Cooke
  • Lisa Rotondi as Buzz Lee
  • T.J. Thyne as Wallace 'The Wizard' Slausen
  • Shelley Berman as Ira Goldberg
  • Edith Fields as Ellen Goldberg
  • Jeff Parise as Lonny Redman
  • Robert Miano as Clint Redman
  • Paula Trickey as DEA Agent Leslie Clarkson
  • Francois Chau as Chen
  • Peter Onorati as Sergeant Vincent Rosetti
  • Roger Yuan as Lazarus
  • Michael Ironside as The Chairman / Nolan Pierce
  • Steven Baker Jr as Eddie Wong
  • Karen Borta as News Anchor
  • Ray Chang as Customer
  • Lucien Douglas as Attorney
  • Phil Fondacaro as Big Hack
  • Chris Freihofer as St. Louis Desk Officer
  • Matt Greer as Pete Williams
  • John O'Donnell as Forensics Investigator
  • Raphael Parry as Sal Hemmings
  • Jeff Pieden as Officer Krupky
  • Daniel Allen Ruben as Tiny Malone
  • Cheryl Toma Sanders as Carolyn Wong
  • Quincy Wong as Sam Wong


Clint Redman:'Aw, Spare me!

Lonny Redman:The cops are bluffing.

Clint Redman:If your brains were spit, you couldn’t lick a stamp.

Lonny Redman:How?
Clint Redman:I've got my ways, Lucky for you.

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