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  • Hello! My name is Kylara, and I'm the @fandom Wiki Manager for Walkerpedia. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have any questions or issues relating to the wiki, editing, or anything of the sort, please let me know, I'm here to help!

    How are things going around here? Do you have any plans for the upcoming series? I'd like to see the wiki make some updates, such as updating the main page design. Any thoughts on that, and would you be cool if I jump in with that?

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    • Finding the right font is always hard! Even on this one, I played around with a few. I'm glad you like it!

      I fully suspect the promotional designs will change before the new series is released. Early stuff rarely lasts. I don't mind redoing it later when the series figures out its brand aesthetic, I'd just like to get us pointed there for now. So yeah, it can essentially be temporary until we get something more solid to work with.

      Is there any part of the code you particularly like on Roswell Wiki? I'm happy to bring things over! Otherwise, I can just implement whatever I think will work, if that's cool.

      I certainly want to make sure we're on the same page and that you're happy with changes, and if I make any changes you don't prefer we can always roll them back. With the main page updated, I want to jump on the theme design changes next, as described above!

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    • Yes, it surely is, haha. I really do like this one though, enough I don't ever want to change it. It's a wonderful fit. 

      Okay, yeah, for something temporary we can definitely look for something like you had in mind. I've been doing a little searching myself for something that kind of matches the released promo poster, but everything I find I feel wouldn't work well as a pleasing background or really has the design to be one, if that makes sense. 

      Honestly, when I was making over this wiki for the first few months, almost everything I implemented I had gotten from the Roswell wiki. It was like my instruction booklet. I really, really like how every design compliments the others. Like the background goes with the font colors, the font, the page designs. Also, my main thing I really loved was the complexity of the pages. As in, it goes above and beyond, the pages aren't just the bare minimum (say, here's the cast and the episodes all in one section and that's it). I essentially would love if we could make this place as up to date as the Roswell wiki! 

      I'm happy to get rolling on the theme changes! Is it possible to make the solid color that is here right now transparent? I was thinking we could consider removing this if we cannot find a good new theme design. Though, if we decide against that, these are some I like that go with the rustic Texas promo poster feel & I'd like to see what ideas you have and/or what you think! xx

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