Mitch Pileggi is an american actor who will portray Bonham Walker on The CW's reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger, which will be titled Walker.

Morgan is set to play the role of Walker's gritty father. This character was created for this series.


Prior to Walker, Pileggi also starred in another Texas set-series, Dallas. He has also starred in the popular X-Files series.

Personal Life

Mitch was born in Oregon, however he did not grow up there and only lived there for a short time. His father was in the military, which required him to constantly move around. He spent a lot of time living in Turkey, which is where he gained his love for acting.


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  • This will be Mitch's second time filming a show in Texas, after filming the Dallas revival there several years ago.
  • Walker's parents were killed in the original series before it premiered, making Mitch's role the first of its kind.


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