Walker and Trivette work with the FBI to bust some arms dealers, the arms dealer in charge, James Wilson, runs inside a restaurant and holds a woman hostage, and Walker shoots him and his dying words are to watch out for his brother. Later on, the fingerprints reveal that the arms dealer's real name is Randall Hooks and that his brother Caleb Hooks, who was a US Special Forces Commander, is out of the country training mercenaries, upon learning of his Randall's death. He takes his mercs and goes to Texas. Upon arriving, he uses the FBI agent who worked with Walker to get him. Hooks kills him and knocks out Walker and when Walker wakes up he tells Walker that he's going to have to take on each of his men who have been told to kill him.

Villain: Caleb Hooks


  • Michael Parks as Caleb Hooks
  • Michael Costello as Special Agent Phillip Daniels
  • Todd Terry as Agent Carl Bishop
  • Christopher Dahlberg as Randall Hooks \ James Wilson
  • Mitchell Bock as Mr. Milovic
  • Marco St. John as Evan Calder
  • Howard Jackson as Shakar
  • Roger Yuan as Chen
  • Steve Curran as Kiely
  • William Hardy as Chief Agent Matt Jameson
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