A criminal whose operations Walker and the others have been foiled decides to take them out, so he has one of his men plant a bomb when they're all together, Walker sees him and discovers the bomb and tries to get rid of it but it blows up in his face. At the hospital they learn that Walker's blind and the doctors are uncertained iif it's perminant. Gage And Sydney try to get the man who did this. Alex tries to help Walker cope but it's iimpossible. White Eagle shows up and tells Walker that he shouldn't worry if he can see again but learn how to rely on his other senses.


  • Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker
  • Clarence Gilyard as James Trivette
  • Judson Mills as Francis Gage
  • Nia Peeples as Sydney Cooke
  • Kevin Fry as Hicks
  • Endre Hules as Aziz
  • Adoni Maropis as Gazal
  • Frank Salsedo as White Eagle
  • Sara Charipar as Vera
  • Ben E. Loggins as Bartender
  • Bruce Melena as Clint
  • Greg Ricks as Dr. Stephens
  • Randy Tallman as Dr. Pratt
  • Rick Prieto as Thug (uncredited)
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